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Be afraid, be very afraid.

I have a simblr.

So now I have two accounts of sim related stuff to quietly neglect.

Yes, I am actually alive.

I know I haven't updated this in quite awhile and I did leave it on a bit of a hangy note, and although a few folks do know what's going on with me, I thought I should fill you lovelies in.

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Notice / Small rant

All sim-related content on this journal is on hiatus. My computer is now down in storage until we can get something sorted out. We are as of this moment not homeless (thanks to whatever god is on the Dial-A-Deity line this week), but we haven't had any luck with finding a near by shelter that can take us yet, Hillcrest has announced they won't make a decision about who gets the apartment until the end of the week, and while we are still on the waiting list for Hawthorne, we have not been contacted about an appointment yet. So as ever, we remain in a holding pattern where people just dick us around. We do, however, have a list of shelters in the metro area and it seems we're just going to have to go down the list and see if we can find one to take us in until we can get our shit together.

God bless America, because somebody really fucking ought to.

Not gone yet...

Thankfully, still here. Un-thankfully, it seems there's an 8-12 week wait for the Hawthorn apartments, only one place currently giving out rental assistance, and the only shelter we know of does not answer their phones. So for the moment, we're just sort of *here*. At least until/unless things improve or the landlord puts the eviction papers through and we get a court order to gtfo. Anyway.

While I'm still here, I thought I'd share the Christmas in July gifts I made for the GOS fun earlier this month.

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Just a song before I go...

Big ol' set of walls for you, consider it a, well not a parting gift I hope, maybe a small haitus gift? Aelia's new colors - autumn, jewels, and the lonesome set. Credit to My Mashup for the original texture.


Holy crap, another download, really!

New skintone, extra policy-breaking, all ages, towniefied but not geneticized (feel free to do so at your own leisure if you like), girls are non-barbie, guys are 80% non-barbie.

Navetsea (And we all know what that means XD)


Mild picspam etc.

Since I'm worried if I keep posting pictures of this lot on GOS it'll turn the Coffin thread into the "Must show off my one building project" thread, so have a couple spare pictures.

Under here, just 'cause.Collapse )